How to manage a dream

imageI’ve always had my life determined by my situation. I have never had the option to decide what I wanted to do. Had a child at a young age and never had enough money to do anything. Still don’t. I’ll be 40 by the end of the year, 60% of my wages go to rent, I have no retirement, I work as a veterinary technician, and make as much as a 19 year old student. Never married. Spent most of my life single.

All I want is to live simply and freely. So I’m selling all my things, I’m down to only what I use and my family heirlooms. Raising money to buy a sailboat and cast off. Live aboard in a simple life. As much as it’s simple living, it sure is an expensive living. But all I can think about is getting my boat.

Trying to manipulate my thoughts, money and spending; do I find a RV to live in, save all my wages, and head south for the mid-late fall? That is one option. But of course the expense of the RV, generator, gas, etc. sure it’s still less money than living in a big empty house. Live freely for the lovely New England summer. Sleeping roadside, free, yet illegal. ¬†Swimming, hiking, fishing every warm and sunny day with the dogs, while still maintaining my employment. This is the way I am leaning.

I don’t care about a house with a white picket fence and the newest car in the driveway. I don’t care about having Victoria secret Pink pants and matching shirts. I don’t care about having fiesta ware plates. Never have. This is nothing new. I just want to live life. Explore. Experience.

I have never been able to decide my own path. There is no reason I can’t start now.