Reduce reduce reduce

  Ok, so over the last 3 months I’ve sold off/boxed up about fifty percent of my previous household accumulations. Tablecloths, shower curtains, CDs, books, piles of excessive Pyrex, clothes by the bag full.  Years of invalid paperwork.  It was incredible how fast it can pile up. It started fast and furious, so many things were obvious. Now it’s trickling, as I decide what heirlooms I want to hold on to for now, until that day comes when I have secured the next leg of my life adventures. Not one regret. 

It’s been very easy to let go, even more so, it has been exceptionally freeing.  Not many people have the same goal as I do, but I highly suggest letting go of even some of your possessions. It has been said with the minimalist type people-possessions possess you-owned by what you own, which is becoming ever so clear. When you have to move six things from your cabinet to reach one or you have to lift five things off a thirty square inch table to dust it and then dust those five things. When those things do nothing for you, you no longer even recognize that they are even there. They have become commonplace. Remove them, gain the free time and mental clarity from having cleared spaces. 

But hey, my latest infatuation drive has been to reduce my groceries by $100-150 a month, to eliminate as much waste from those groceries, and to figure out how to stop using as much plastic products all around.  Let’s just say I’ve found the cheapest way to eat is frozen veggies from Trader Joes and sale prices meats from the average local chain markets.  Not very in line with my plastic free mission. Farmers markets haven’t started around here as of yet, knowing I can walk away with veggies at about $1-2/lb with no plastic bags.  So a girl like me has to figure out where she’s willing to compromise. With everything driven by the dollar, I’m having to go with the cheap over ecological.  Hurts me to make that choice. I hope not for long. 

I’m still going to explore my options. I have a running list of price per pound of prepackaged items at Trader Joes vs bulk bin at Whole Foods. I will post it once I have my commonly used items all tallied out. Even with a whole foods diet, there is still so much waste involved.  

Check this out Plastic pollution coalition. Stop using straws. Try cloth diapering. Stop using plastic applicator tampons (go back to the old fashioned cardboard applicators). Stop using toothpastes and face cleansers with ‘microbeads’. Check out the link…consider making even one change. 


Author: minimalvagabond

Outdoors. Tattoo collector. Biped and quadriped mom. Vet tech, Minimalist, searching for a simple, rich life. Nomad.

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