My favorite time of year, summer. My soul is unsettled in the times of cold, dark days. I think I could be just fine with the dark as long as it is warm out. This is my purpose for 2016-to get out of the cold AND dark weather, find my way to warmer regions. 

With great purpose I have been busy. Not the kind of busy that is less than enjoyable, dutiful, humdrum.  No. It’s been days and evenings of checking things off my list of things to do here in New England. Hikes, aquarium, national monuments, getting my hands dirty on the property I live on with no great hurry or deadline like I’ve kept in the past. 

Speaking of hurry, what a mental and physical difference it has made since I’ve allowed myself more freedoms. Free of all the belongings that held me down, all the hurried to-dos, the have to-dos are narrowed down, I have put less of a timeline on the little things. It’s not that I’m lazy, or that I’m looking for an easy road, it’s that I’m looking to enjoy life. 

When I woke up one day and realized I was almost 40, my only child is 19, I’ve gone no where, seen nothing, I’m doing too much for little return. I’m stressed out. I lost one of the most important people I’ve had in my life to date, the love of my life. 

I haven’t come across any negative effects of living this way, although the it has only been a few months.  Maybe I’ll find something. Maybe I won’t. I’m using a list of three things a day I need to get done, get to the post, fill the car gas tank, grab some avocados. Simplicity. Breathing. Enjoying the moment. I highly recommend it. 


Author: minimalvagabond

Outdoors. Tattoo collector. Celiac. Hashimotos. Single mom. Dog mom. Vet tech, Minimalist, searching for a simple, rich life.

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