Finding life’s riches

It’s an uphill battle. All of it. Love. Life. Day to day. Finding what you love and doing it. None of it’s easy and there’s no instruction manual. I’m the kind of person who just kind of flies by ther seat of their pants. Not because I’m blessed with the resources to do so, nope, quite the opposite. My resources are few and hard to come by.  Everything I want and need to do need to be given months to get it done, strategic planning, with many fall backs included. 

I wish nothing more to reduce the things that own me. But there is no way to completely disown everything. I will always be owned by something. We all will. An abode of sorts, vehicles, pets, children, clothing, heirlooms, daily ‘necessities’. I feel like I am at a point in my life I’d like to be without more than I’m with. Of course, there are some serious exceptions for me. My beautiful daughter (who is grown), I will never be without a dog by my side. When I say I want to be without its the belongings. I don’t need all the cups and mugs and plates and clothes. Especially if that means I can live where and how I want. 

Now the journey to get myself there is the perplexingly complicated task at hand. Shouldn’t be so complex I suppose. But it is for me…am I making it more complex than it needs to be? I am ready go find out. I have 2-3 months to get it all thought through and put into motion. Two to three months is my goal. My eyes are on the prize. Just how to get there what is my path my plan where to find the financial means to do it. In the meantime I need to quench my soul. My soul feels lost right now. Is it I just need the love of my life to help me squash this unrest? Is it I just need to see progress in my new direction? I need something and I can’t put my finger on it.