Time best spent as a humanitarian over an employee 

I went back and read over some of my previous WordPress posts. I see that I have made progress and change in my life over the last eight months. It made me feel really good.  I have been so focused on what I can’t do because of money, swollowing up all the changes I had made, inspite of not having money to spend outside of basic needs and housing.  

I could work day and night to increase my financial abilities and not be living the life we are blessed to have. I’ve worked fifty to sixty hours a week. I worked so much I never saw my child, I ended up so anemic my thyroid shut down. Albeit I was vegan at the time, but was so run down, emotionally, physically. I am unwilling to go back down that road. It’s not that I’m not willing to work hard, I do work hard. Forty five hours of my week are dedicated to working for someone else. 

I’ve been practically no where. I’ve done practically nothing. I just got my first passport, still empty. I want to be able to have stories to tell about my life, to grandchildren, nieces and nephews, the world. I want to give back to the world, I don’t have much by myself and I know I can do plenty of things with that.  And in doing these things, inspire others to live their life, to give back, to do more. 

Currently have two important to me events on the same day I’m working to raise money to do and to donate more on top of myself. A four mile steeple run for hunger and beach clean up through the Ocean Conservatory. September 17,2016. 

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Author: minimalvagabond

Outdoors. Tattoo collector. Celiac. Hashimotos. Single mom. Dog mom. Vet tech, Minimalist, searching for a simple, rich life.

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