Punk rock revival

Henry Rollins. I have always had a serious fantasy land crush on this man since the day I first heard Black Flag in the late 80’s. Last night I was extremely lucky to be part of a sold out crowd of his current tour. Fucking brilliant…as I already knew. I was blown away by his philosophies, how he conducts himself; he just solidified everything I believe in. Gave me hope that there is hope for humankind. There is still humanity in this world. 

It’s so hard to be charged to the hilt with your beliefs and to play them out everyday. We all, myself included, become such GD sheep. I see through the Man’s plan, so I fight against it, yet there is so much more I can be doing. Stop being so resistant sheep. Stop and think for yourself. 

Henry was right. We are complacent. Apathetic. Egotistical, hating, racists, homophobic, fucking sheep. I have been watching this for a long time. When someone screams it in your face reminding you of it, somehow it hits like a ton of bricks. So what to do? For me I need to do more of what I said I was going to do. Be more human

I’ve been brought back to not only my childhood roots, but to all the knowledge I’ve gained since then. Now to find the voice, the energy, the avenue, the context to be that better person. 

Be more human.